Book Launch

I am absolutely delighted to let you know about the launch of my new book “The Performance Manifesto”, 7 Steps to Brilliant Performance. Anybody that knows me knows I like to get up early. I decided to put those early mornings to good use by writing this book.

The idea for the book came from my clients and my own desire to improve their performance in different areas of their lives. While some succeeded, many clients struggled to put in place what they learnt in their time with me. It became something else that they had to remember along with all the other aspects that their performance required. They wanted a simple solution that they could bring with them to their performance routine and their practice.

As a result I developed a simple 7 step process along with the My Mentor Me Card© that has improved their mental preparation which has enabled them to achieve better performances. In order to try and help more people I decided to write the book which describes the process and teaches people how to use it.

The book is available to buy on the Buy Book page of this website.

I hope you enjoy it and that you get the results you are looking for.


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